The basic rules of Foling (a hybrid of football, horseshoes and bowling) are simple: two players (or teams) set up bowling pins across from one another and take turns trying to knock each other's pins down with a football. The first team to knock down all of the opposing team's pins wins. Here's a quick rundown of the rules, according to the inventor:

  • Object of the game of Foling
    Knock down all 10 of your opponents bowling pins by throwing a football. Like pool, the winner (or winning team) may keep the lane and take on the next challenger.
  • Who throws first?
    Flip a coin to determine who throws first. If the team that threw first ends up clearing their opponents' pins first, the team that threw second gets one rebuttal throw (all pins must be cleared to tie).
  • Yes Virginia, there is a Foul line
    As in bowling, there is a foul line that throwers are not allowed to cross. That line is from the back of the pin platform for men, the front of the platform for women. If a player crosses the foul line, any results from that throw are reversed (i.e. any pins knocked down are put back).
  • Be aware to play defense
    While the other team is throwing, you must remain behind your own foul line until the ball goes beyond your line. Then, you are permitted to prevent the ball from bouncing around, potentially knocking over more pins.
  • What Counts?
    Any non-malicious act that results in a pin falling will count. These include (but are not limited to) very high winds, accidentally knocking pins over when clearing boards, earthquakes (we're in California), and any footballs being thrown from adjacent lanes.
  • The Bonk
    If you are lucky enough to knock down the center pin (and only the center pin) on the first throw, congrats! You just got a Bonk and won the game instantly.

It should be noted here that we have deviated from the traditional rules a bit here in California. Any national competetions would be held under established guidelines that may differ slightly from the general practice here.



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